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I have fallen off the edge of the world and am having trouble finding my way back...  ^ - ^

Sorry to be so absent --- I had not idea it has been almost a year since I check in here. I am in the last minute business of our BJD Convention. I am insane with things to do. I feel guilty that I have let my LJ slide as badly as I have. Things are not any better over the summer. That's life for you!

Bitten Collection

My items finally arrived from the Bitten Collection! it was excruciating to see everyone's dolls and outfits and still not have mine! sigh ... finally they are here...

This coat is hard to photograph -- it looks chocolate or black. It is not. It is a dark plum color. It fits the Ciel Musedoll very nicely! These are very well made! love them.


Peakswoods Cuties

I have had a hard time deciding about getting the tan Vampire Wedding Goldie. I adored the first version tan Goldie and feel i missed out. But dropping this money on a doll right now was hard! I did do it! now I am in wait mode.

So while I am waiting -- I thought I would take some pics of my Peakswoods cuties....



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BJDC Webpage is up! Dates are set

I did get the contract complete and signed with the Omni hotel. The dates for the BJDC 2010 are 5,6 and 7th of August, 2010.  I learned Dreamweaver at the same time I was learning CSS because I was determined to use both on the Convention wegsite! wow - what a ride. I am happy with the results...steep learning curve involved. How I torture myself!

Link to convention website.


BJDC 2010 - Gearing UP!

We are beginning to gear up for BJDC 2010...
We still have the yahoogroup iDolls (listed above) I updated our convention webpage with a little teaser pic which you can check out the below or see it at

What are people using the most these days to get information in general or about conventions, in particular?

Anyone still using yahoogroups or mailinglists?
Bulletin Boards like ZoZ and Den of Angels?

Some feedback would be great!

Looking forward to the BJDC 2010 :-)

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Experiments with new 50mm f/1.8 lens

I wanted to do a BIG shout out and say thanks to Keeley_Keena for her help and feedback about camera lens. I went looking at what was out there. It was a hard decision but I decided on the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. Here are some preliminary pics with the new lens. I think I will be able to do the closeups and still be able to step back and do full body shots as well. The Macro lens is still on the want list - but this lens is more versatile for the moment.


This is my favorite type of framing for a dolls face - I like closeups. I noticed I prefer the horizontal framing too.


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What's up?

Where have I been and what have I been doing?

I am working lots and spending weekends out of town. Texas Renaissance Festival is in full swing - we have gone twice! That means I have limited time to stay caught up on my email and cyber communities in general!

On the dollie news front -- I have gotten a few new outfits and dolls.

This is Liz painted by DayDream Factory - Derek.
I call her "Elspeth".
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Austin Doll Collectors Show and sale - Oct. 2, 2008

I went to a doll show this weekend. After the buying feast at the BJDC 2008, a regular doll show is a tame affair. Evelyn's Treasure Dolls is now carrying a few lines of BJDs. Let the temptation start!!! She had a few with her at the show.

I did surprise myself at what I did buy. Way back when I made my own porcelain dolls - I wanted to make an ethnic tan colored Jumeau gypsy. Never got around to it. I found this cutie - a reproduction one and just had to have her.

Click here for more pics from the doll show